Corn cracker, tomato and basil croutons, dried beef and homemade poppy seed dough balls, Pikachu chocolate chip banana bread, pistachios, tri coloured peppers.

I decided to make more homemade dough balls, they are a big hit with everybody. I can add seeds, pieces of cheese in the middle, anything really. They are best just out the of the oven, but go really well in the lunch box format for school or work! I found the recipe from GreenCooking,  but I also add it here for I modified it a bit.

I also started more meal prepping at the week end, which saves me a great deal of time in the mornings when assembling the lunches.

1Kg of rinsed, cleaned and dried grapes, and 500 g of strawberries. Ready for packing. Will last a few days in the fridge, grapes a tad bit more.
Homemade beef meatballs, toasted breakfast muffin, banana bread and granola bites, grapes, four colours peppers, and pistachios
Salmon rolls and slice of lemon, mini salami bites, ciabatta bread and stringy cheese, carrot sticks and baby corn, grapes and sesame sticks
Sour dough bread, sesame sticks, chicken broccoli and chia seeds, honey wafers grapes and mini peppers
Salami and whit bread sandwich, Halloween shaped crackers, grapes and blueberries, cashew nuts, peppers, and spooky madeleine (edible sugar skeletons!)


Pork slices cooked in garlic and teriyaki sauce, sushi  rice and furikake, umeboshi

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Two-storey house lunchbox with garlic and teriyaki sauce pork, sushi rice on top floor, and homemade crakers, ghost chocolate and madeleine on the ground floor, and a spooky clementine.

Note all the small edible decorations (skulls, bones and pumkins) are from Wilton which I bought in Homestore .