Hummus is a very nutritious, full of proteins, vegetarian dip. It is easy to add in a small container to bring to school or work, with some crackers or carrot sticks to dip in!

We make batches in the house, here is the basic recipe, but it can be flavoured and or coloured with roasted  pepper, sweet pepper, sundried tomatoes, basil leaves…


2 chickpeas cans. Note here: that is the quick version, if you have time, you can use dried chickpeas, but you will have to rehydrate overnight and boil them first.

4 tea spoons of tahini paste

6 table spoons of olive oil

1 tea spoon salt

3 garlic cloves

Juice of half  a freshly pressed lemon

Cumin seeds

How to proceed:

Pour the chickpeas over a sieve, but keep 1/2 can worth of the liquid

Add the chickpeas, salt, seeds, and garlic cloves into the food processor, tahini paste, liquid from the can, lemon juice and pulse.

Add slowly the olive oil until desired consistency is reached.

Adjust the seasoning to taste, and voila!

Can be kept in the fridge in an airtight container for a few days. I add some to the lunch boxes with carrot sticks/ gressini/ bread sticks/ crackers…