I love freshly fried doughnuts. As we try to pay attention to our food, we do not have a deep fryer in the house (to reduce temptation!). So I only very occasionally make those, and in a deep pan but they are delicious, just out the oil, covered in sugar!

Here is the recipe I have. I takes a bit of time, as the dough has to rise, then the cut doughnuts have to rise again.


4 and 1/2 cups of flour

2 eggs

1 cup and 1/2 of milk

1/4 of cup of sugar

1 teaspoon of salt

1 sachet of dried  yeast

120 g of butter, melted and cooled

Oil for frying (I use rapeseed oil)

Extra sugar for topping

A deep pan, kitchen tissue, a few trays, a deep plastic, tongs, a pint glass, a shot glass, food processor with dough hook, cling film

How to proceed:

Making the dough:

Heat up the milk to lukewarm

Put in the the food processor, add the sachet of yeast and mix well with the dough hook.

Let the yeast froth/ wake up

Sieve the flour in a big bowl

Add the two eggs, the salt, sugar, melted butter, mix well.

Add half of the flour and mix well.

When the dough starts coming off the bowl, add the other half of the flour.

If the dough is too sticky add flour two spoonfuls at a time.

Knead the dough until it is smooth.

Cover with cling film, slightly oil the walls of the bowl

let rise until doubled in volume (it will depend on the temperature of the room).

Making the doughnuts:

Flour a clean work area (I usually use a big fondant cutting mat)


Work the dough in a sheet and lower it to about 1.5 cm in thickness

Use flour on the the rim of the glass pint, and use it to cut the outer shape of the doughnuts with it.

Re-flour the rim when it becomes sticky

Use the shot glass to cut holes in the doughnuts. I keep the small cut outs and fry them as mini bites.

If you want them all full, do not use the shot glass, you can then fill them up with jam or cream!

Place the cut shapes on trays and let them rise for another 45 minutes-1H

Frying the doughnuts:

Be very careful, if like me, you are using oil in a deep frying pan! Particularly with little ones around!!!

Heat up the oil medium/hot

Place 3-4 doughnuts at a time depending on your pan, or 5-6 of the left over centers.

Fry until golden.

Turn around and fry the other side.

When fully fried, put on a cooling rack covered with several layers of kitchen tissue (they are really hot at that point it will cool them down as well.)


When excess oil is removed, add to a plastic box containing sugar, one at a time, and shake them gently to cover the whole surface.


They are ready to eat!!!!