Hi all, here is a very simple crêpe batter recipe. We make them often and they go nicely in lunch boxes. I usually then slice them and add some sugar (or any other topping of preference) in a separate container for the children to use and get the freshness of the sugar. Otherwise, it will melt and become “liquidy” and soggy.


250 g flour

500 mL of milk

3 eggs

1 table spoon of vegetable oil

1 pinch of salt

4 table spoons of sugar (optional)

Food processor and whisk attachment, tongs and  tissue for the pan, crêpe/pancake pan, extra oil for the pan, butter, ladle, flat kitchen spatula (flipper), two plates.


Sieve the flour in the food processor , add the oil, eggs and milk and sugar if desired.

Whisk until the batter is very smooth.

You can use straight away or cover with cling film reserve in the fridge until time to make the crêpes.

How to proceed:

Heat up the pan to medium heat.

Using  the tong and tissue rub some oil onto the pan.

Using the ladle, add enough dough and spread on the pan.

After a minute or so, check that the crêpe is sliding easily and not attaching.


Using a flipper, check if the crêpe is cooked, some brown spots should start o appear.

When cooked to your preference, use the flipper to turn the crêpe over and cook the other side (about 1 or 2 minute).


When cooked transfer to a big plate then add a small amount of butter, then put the second plate on top of the crêpe.

Re oil the pan a little and repeat until the dough is spent.

When the “pile of crêpe” is ready to eat call every body at the table and prepare the toppings! Although the actual making can be time consuming, it is delicious. The trick for bigger families is to use two or more, smaller pans (20/23 cm bottom for example) rather than a bigger one.

Leftover crêpes (if any) can go to the next morning’s lunch box…