January 2017 start of the year, and more lunches to prepare!!!!

Shaped toasts make a great idea to change boring slices into fun

Version 1 cat shaped meatballs, peppers and sugar snaps, dark chocolate and almonds, grapes and brioche

Cat meatballs was a first, eyes are made with sugar snap cut outs, stuck with some ketchup.

Version 2  cat shaped meatballs, peppers and sugar snaps, star crackers, brioche, cheese string and rice cake, grapes
Version 1: peppers, strawberries and blueberries, Rice and octopus shaped sausages, dark chocolate and cashew nuts

I loved the red veggie / fruit side, it contrasted very well with rice!

Do-it-yourself mini tortilla wraps, grilled chicken breast (plus sesame seeds), sesame sticks, grated cheese (mozzarella and cheddar) shredded peppers and salad, dark chocolate covered rice cake, dark chocolate and a bite sized kinder bueno

Do-it-yourself is always a nice change, kids can choose and pick what goes in. A big wrap was cut in 5 smaller ones, easy to handle and fill up.

Crêpe leftover … see recipe here Crêpe recipe

Unfilled crepe  with sugar on the side, kiwi and grapes, lightly boiled broccoli, salami filled mini bagel, pistachios and frosted flakes