Hi,  I have made omelettes for as long as I can remember, as a child my favourite was with golden, roasted potato chunks….

We use omelette a fair bit, it is a great way to recycle vegetables, or to fill up empty bellies quickly, just add some cheese or bacon bits…

I have discovered the tamagoyaki, which is another way to present omelette, as a roll. It is very pretty and can be filled up with different ingredients too. The trick is to roll it. My first attempt was well… rolled, but far from the perfection rolls I have seen all around the net. The kids loved it, so yes I will make this again, and hopefully improve on the aesthetics!

Here is the list of what I needed (for three portions):

4 eggs,

1 tablespoon of Mirin (can be replaced by a small bit of sugar)

1 tablespoon of soy sauce

Some salt to season

Vegetable oil

Frying pan, kitchen tissue, spatula / chopsticks / tongs

How to proceed:

Beat the eggs, soy and mirin sauces, and salt together in a beaker.

Heat the pan (medium heat).

Dip the kitchen paper (folded in a few times) into the oil, and spread  on the hot pan, using chopsticks, or tongs.

Add a small amount of egg mixture, and spread it all around the pan. When it starts setting push it/roll it on one side of the pan.

Add more oil with the tissue, and repeat the process. When the omelette starts to set, roll over it the previous one, and roll gently on the other side of the pan.

Repeat until you have no mixture left. I took me four or five goes to finish my egg mixture, and it gets easier to roll after the first one.

When you are done, transfer gently the tamagoyaki on a cutting mat. I realised I could have used a sushi mat to give it a better shape. I will try next time!


Once the first thin omelette is rolled up, put on one end of the pan, and repeat. When the second is setting roll over opposite side of the pan.


Finished! Ok I still have to work on the compression is it not rolled up properly… but it tasted really good! One more for my lunch box arsenal!