Lunch /Bento boxes:

Sistema: I used in the past the, but I now I prefer, from far the 2L Triple Split, which allows me to put small containers or even a full apple in.

Quaddie Coloured Sistema Plastic970_quaddie_pink

Triple Split from Sistema plastic


Yumbox: I use the 6 compartment and the 4 compartment ones. Very sturdy and easy to clean, I am very happy with those. A bit pricey, but worth the investment.



Extra lunch boxes:

In addition to their main lunch, my kids have a smaller portion to keep them full for the day, as they go to after-school care. Here is a sample of the box types. Some are very convenient, as a small cooling pad can be added easily.

House two tier lunch box, from Modes4U

Cookie box, a two tier bento, small space for chopsticks, I use it more for a small thin treat!

Cookie bento box from Modes4U

Another fabulous shop where I browse often Bento and Co. :

Lots of products, and themed ones, such as Pokemon and Studio Ghibli, plus a fabulous food section, for export of items one might not find easily out of Japan. To visit!!!

Bento and Co 

Containers and Small boxes:

Sistema: they have a good range of leak proof containers, easy to open for small hands wth colourful lids. I love them!

35 mL small containers


35 mL sauce containers


130 mL containers


138 mL, clip in


150 mL containers


Kawaii accessories:

The magic box!

ModeS4u: I get small kawaii items such as picks, eyes, cutters… Great shop and very well stocked: ModeS4u

Flying Tiger: worth going (often in my case!!!). Plenty of seasonal stuff, bun cases, cute picks, fun boxes…Perfect for those extra chicks for spring time, or reindeer in winter…Plus they have a section with food, where I get waffles and chocolate covered almonds: Flying Tiger Copenhagen

Lunch Bags:

To accommodate and carry all those lovely boxes, I need a good few different bags depending on shape and volume, bottles and extra food.

The Doggy Bag! (From MrPrice)



Effortless Bento: 300 Japanese Box Lunch Recipes: I love this book. Lots of recipes, and advice, good food practice and hygiene. you can mix and pick any recipe you want to try. Really worth it. Effortless Bento: 300 Japanese recipes

Happy Bento!: Lunches on the Go: The book is nice for presentation mainly, not a recipe book. But colourful and full of ideas. Happy Bento!: Lunches on the Go

Food Processor:

Kenwood Premier chef, kicknamed “Doughty”. Kenwood Premier chef