For these Bento, I used a few accessories, easily found in any “pound shop”. I used clear skull shot glasses as containers, and small pumpkin shaped containers meant for collecting sweets.

I also bought small party favours, i.e spider rings, in orange and black, as well as almond “dragĂ©es” , which are simply chocolate covered almonds, in black and orange.

For the sandwich, I cut white bread in a shape of a ghost, two sugar eyes (Wilton, found in baking supplies shop) using ketchup to stick them and make the whole thing look gory. I also used cupcake toppers in Witch and Werewolf shapes.

Spooky Bento Box 1!
Spooky Bento 2!


The small three eyed aliens are mini waffles with candy eyes (stuck this time with marmalade).