Totoro is a big favourite in the family big and small we all love it. From it came out the Biiiiig Totoro and small Soot sprites.

Big Totoro and Soot Sprites
Soot Sprites


Totoro is made with a Brioche roll, and the soot sprites are meat balls. Their eyes made with cut outs from a slice of cheese, and nori punches for the pupil. The whiskers are made with fried spaghetti (yes you can fry uncooked spaghetti, it is very crunchy!).

To add slow release carbs, I added a slice of brown bread cut in four, and put together on a plastic cocktail pick.

A small square container contains cheese cubes, there are also bread sticks and corn cakes as fillers.

Sides contain boiled (very shortly) baby sweetcorn and green beans, plus funny picks to add colour.

The fruits are frozen grapes (I freeze them in batch and used them as is, they will defrost by lunch break). I used small reusable silicon cups (types used in baking cupcakes and muffins), and heart shapes food containers.